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This property has all the comforts and conveniences of a basic community. What would welcome you here is a majestic entrance gate that will make you feel at home right away, tucked with landscaped greeneries and colorful blooms. 

Safety and security is also a priority of the management, that’s why there are 24 x 7 security guards manning this community. You and your love ones can sleep peacefully at night knowing that everything is alright. You are always protected. 

Last but not the least, a Clubhouse  is where the homeowners can converge and bond together for meetings or catch-up sessions. They can also use this  place if they would want to celebrate special occasions or events like birthdays, baptismal parties, wedding showers, graduations, promotions, moving-ups or family and class reunions. Have a good time to bond with your dear ones – not too far away from your home. No need to  go out of your way and brave the traffic to be able to attend important events in your life. 

What’s more? You will have well-paved concrete roads as well as gutters and curbs to walk or run on.  Other facilities include: a centralized water system and an underground drainage system. 

This neighborhood surely got what you all need in one setting. Enjoy and cherish all the family time you can have as fun and exciting moments ready to be treasured are waiting for you.

  • Landscaped entrance gate and guard house
  • Concrete roads, gutters and curbs
  • Centralized water supplysystem
  • Underground drainage system
  • Multi-pupose hall
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