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P. A. Properties : St. Joseph Richfield For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Lot Only ₱ 1,041,000 80 Other Cuts Available
Camira ₱ 1,500,000 LA: 60 / FA: 26 Other Cuts Available
Yasmin ₱ 1,700,000 LA: 36 / FA: 42 Other Cuts Available
Marya ₱ 1,509,000 LA: 54 / FA: 32 Other Cuts Available
Leslie ₱ 2,400,000 LA : 147 / FA: 31.50 Other Cuts Available

With all the quality features provided in this development, along with its facilities - it is likely that one would take a risk and make an investment, especially if you’re someone who wants a comfortable life with your love ones. 

Imagine living in a suburban city, with all the big fruit trees in abundance – combined with colorful   blooms that make living more relaxed and refreshing.  Here in Santa Rose, air is greener and fresher  – you get to breathe it in as you wake up to beautiful mornings. Soothe all your senses as you bask in all the surroundings around you. As you retire in the evenings, you will be transported in 

deep, good slumber. Your weary minds and tired bodies will get fully rested here. Tomorrow is another great day to be grateful for all the opportunities coming your way. 

At ST. JOSEPH RICHFIELD community – you are surrounded by all the conveniences  - good schools,  big malls and supermarkets,  places for dining, leisure and fun plus churches, hospitals and government offices.  

As you do your daily grind, be comforted with the thought of going home to this your “happy place.” A place of love and warmth from dear ones – people who mostly matter to you. All your day’s efforts will be exchanged with the care and support you get from home.  As you toil hard for yourself and  family – there’s the reward of this dream home that’s not only quality-made but very affordable. Indeed, all your hard-earned earnings and savings will be put to good use when you decide to own a home here. It is certainly a worthwhile investment. So, check it out and get all the details from a trusted PA Properties agent. 

Life is meant to be enjoyed and shared beautifully with love ones. When you live in this community – life becomes even better as you go through day in and day out with much freshness, simplicity and vibrancy. Life is better at St. JOSEPH RICHFIELD  - where everything else is a breeze.  

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